Codice is an online note-taking and task-management application.

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Assign expiration time to turn note into a task. Marking it as done is a matter of one click. Hover and try it yourself!


Power of Markdown and the visual editor for writing down all your thoughts. You can organize them with labels and search in miliseconds to never forget anything important.

Tasks with expiration time, builtin reminders and colorful status indicators, so everything is clear on the quick glance.

Extensions system to save you from the bloated experience but allow to increase the possibilities as you need them. Markdown sucks? That's fine, switch for clay tablets of Sumerians todayâ„¢!

The sad part

Sounds appealing? Thanks! However, some work still has to be be done. With over 340 commits we're currently rather close to the open beta. Do you want to stay in touch? No spam, promise! Maybe three or four of most important status updates in total.